Monday, August 29, 2011

The lumbering loon

[You may double-click on the video above to watch it full screen and prevent the cut-off on the right. Afterward, click ESC on your keyboard to go back to normal viewing]

I've had a few calls and e-mails in the past month from people concerned about injured birds on the beach. So far, without exception, I've learned that the bird in question has been a common loon which came ashore to rest.

Yesterday I finally managed to capture a bit of video showing a Common Loon stumbling and lumbering its way back toward the water. Once you watch this you will understand why folks would think the loon has a leg or wing injury, when actually their legs are set back so far on their body that they can only manage to wobble about on land.

In the water, loons are very strong swimmers and divers. They also have four basic calls, which you may listen to by clicking HERE.   Mostly what I hear from the Common Loons on the beach are the beautiful 'Wail' and the 'Tremolo', the Wail being my favorite.

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