Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Invest 93

Invest 93 is just beginning to enter the Gulf of Mexico, but surface winds are already kicking up the surf.  You can see how fast the wave are rushing to shore.  Current wind gusts tonight are around 22 mph.  Another 5 mph or so and it will be time to break out the long pants to avoid being sandblasted.

Hopefully this is not something which will affect our remaining sea turtle nests, but the Ft. Pickens nest I was screening tonight was only 36 ft. from the waterline when I left.  If the waves (and tides) get higher, it could be a problem.

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REK said...

DJ my sister & I both have followed your blog for a long time. My sister just moved to Pensacola and has started her own blog. I thought you may enjoy it.