Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Outsmarting critters

It's fun to plant a pot or two of tomatoes on my patio in the spring and watch them grow. Each year, however, I've been denied the fruits of my labor by some type of beach critter. Just as they are at that perfect stage to pick, I go out to gather them and find the bottom of the tomato completely eaten away. Frustrating!

My personal opinion is that it is beach rats, which my husband insists on calling 'mice'. A rodent over 3" long is classified as a rat to me!

At any rate, whatever the tomato-eating critter in my yard may be, this year I hope to outsmart it by trying an upside down tomato basket - Roma tomatoes on the bottom of the basket, grape-tomatoes on the top.

Perhaps this year I'll be able to serve up more than fried green tomatoes!

1 comment:

Loui♥ said...

DJ.. have you seen any WORMS (catapillars) on the plants?
I know squirrels and birds will eat the tomotoes for moisture..but rats?
are these the palm rats?
ask your county extension agent about the problem..
or put a net completely around and over the plants..
good luck..
both with the tomatoes and in identifying the tomato thief!
laughing smiles..