Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green sea turtle release

UPDATED 4/15/10:

Folks at the Naval Live Oaks area of Gulf Islands National Seashore had a very happy afternoon.

A young green sea turtle was released into Santa Rosa Sound at Naval Live Oaks. Originally thought to be one of the cold-stunned sea turtles rescued during our record-breaking cold-snap this winter, this juvenile green was actually discovered at the Ft. Pickens area of Gulf Islands National Seashore wrapped in monofilament. The fishing line was even in its mouth and gullet. It's left front flipper was so damaged that it had to be amputated.

Monica Cain, a bio-tech for Gulf Islands National Seashore, releases the juvenile green sea turtle into Santa Rosa Sound.

Although it took a minute or two for the turtle to get a little water under it to realize it was free, it finally moved toward into the sound.

And now it is happily back in its natural environment.

Sea turtle patrols start next month! After such a harsh winter, I'm anxious to see how many nests we will have this year. So remember to turn off your outside lights and close your curtains during turtle season so our sea turtles will not be distracted, discouraged or disoriented!


BaysideLife said...

Poor little thing. Glad to see having one less flipper isn't slowing him down. This winter while on one of my beach walks I filled a trash bag full of fishing line, old nets and other debris. We humans really make it tough on our sea creatures and birds.

Tootie said...

Have I mentioned lately that I love your blog??? :)