Thursday, April 08, 2010

Evening at the Grand Marlin

Twilight slowly faded as I stood on the back deck of the Grand Marlin this evening. It was so beautiful, I hated to leave! What a fabulous restaurant, fabulous view, and most importantly -- fabulous food.

The chef's choice on the dinner menu tonight was Parmesan-crusted triggerfish. It was possibly the best fish I've eaten...ever.

You may visit their website and take a look at the lunch and dinner menus by clicking HERE.


Unknown said...

Rosemary and I have agreed wholeheartedly on your report of a dining experience at the Grand Marlin..It's shame that the Taylor's had to leave before they could explore the place.. Thank you for your Blog as we read it every day..See you next year, good luck, and take care..Rosemary &Blondy

Loui♥ said...

Grand Marlin?
same place or near the old Sandshaker?
Sounds elegant..
when next in the area..
would love to try it!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Rosemary & Blondy, so glad you had a chance to try it!

Lou, you definitely have to try it next time you're here. It is right at the foot of the bridge where restaurants Boy on a Dolphin and later Coconuts was located. Then Ivan wiped out the building. Pricing is reasonable. Entrees start around $14.50 and go up to $19.00. Good portions. Delicious appetizers. A nice caesar salad on the side is only $4.00. A new menu is printed each day, using fresh fish/seafood available.

Check out the menus through the link.