Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Harsh winter

I was very sad to discover a sea turtle on my walk along the north shore this morning which had succumbed to the cold weather/water we've experienced in the Panhandle this year. I called our Park Biologist, Mark Nicholas, at Gulf Islands National Seashore to let him know what I'd found. Sadly, they later informed me it was a green turtle which is a species we see fewer of in this area.

Again, please be alert for cold-stunned sea turtles on either the north or south beaches. Even if they are not alive, it is important to track the number of sea turtles that have died. There is also the possibility of going through more periods of extreme cold in the coming weeks and if we spot a cold-stunned sea turtle early enough, it can be saved.


Loui♥ said...

thanks for caring..
and sharing..
your continued concern for all the sea turtles..
and posting articles like this to raise awareness for the necessity of reporting all finds of cold stunned sea turtles..
you are a very good person, Charlie Brown,,oops I meant DJ!
warm hugs..laughing smiles..

Anonymous said...
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Beth said...

I live in the middle part of Escambia County in 100 acres of Longleaf pine woods that my husband and I are restoring to be like the old forest it was more than 50 years ago. We have been amazed to see how quickly the deer grew shaggy coats in response to the recent extremely cold weather. I am sorry to hear about the cold-stunned sea turtles.

I'm glad to have found several fellow bloggers in our area!