Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nauga Champagne Breakfast

The party everyone looks forward to on Pensacola Beach is the Nauga Champagne Breakfast, hosted by the Krewe of Nauga. You know Mardi Gras is in full swing when you see people walking around the core area in their pajamas.

"And you just have to keep an eye out for those little Naugas cause they'll steal a can of hairspray right out from under you."

To read the story behind the Krewe of Naugas, click HERE.

Karina Foster is a former Nauga Queen! She's generally right beside Danah Gibson, founder of the Krewe of Naugas, greeting party-goers. This year's theme was 2010: A Space Naugassey

Two alien bakers.

It's a pinstripe alien. Yikes!

You'll see every type of costume and pajamas at the Nauga Champagne Breakfast. It's the most comfortable party in town!

A great time for friends to get together and lip-read because the music and laughter are raising the roof! ;-)

Oohhh, Mary Jo, I love your purple hair!

Masked man in caftan.

Now here is a mindboggler: The 2009 King of the Krewe of Wrecks...

Wait! It's the 2009 Queen of Naugas.

Actually, Tommy Grice held both positions and did double duty this year! No one can top Tommy in creativity...scary creativity.

Jayne Drees Redmond in Naugaflauge!

Sweet smiling faces, Natalie Bass and Danah Gibson, welcome one and all.

Betsy Philips is my favorite martian!

Slipper attire is always fun to check. This year we had frogs...

and lovely white kitties, but I missed Tweety Bird and the Flamingo slippers which we enjoyed so much last year!

Baskets lined the stage on either side. Some were to be raffled off, others went to winners of the Nauga Dawga and the Purrrfect Kitty contests.

Morrie Drees wore Naugaflage also, but he walked away with one of the great baskets raffled off!

The applause meter verified 'Hal9000' was the winner of the costume contest.

For those of you who may not know, proceeds from this fun event go to the Humane Association.

A group of former Nauga Queens wait for the annoucement to be made to the crowd - who will be the new Queen.

And it is Judy L'Oignon! The new Queen of the Krewe of Naugas!
Long live Queen Judy!

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