Monday, January 18, 2010

Lingering gray

Gray, windy days continued through yesterday. You can see the surf pounding, displaying its own steel-gray color.

It has been weeks since I ventured to the beach - December 29, to be precise. It has been too cold, pouring rain, or gusting such high winds that I couldn't go out with my camera. On this part of the island (east end of Pensacola Beach), I was saddened to see the amount of beach erosion that's taken place.

At one point a lifeguard truck came past, displaying a vigorously flapping red flag. I doubt anyone would be foolish enough to try swimming or surfing on a day like this, but I noticed the driver barely had enough room to get between the surf and the sand fencing.


BaysideLife said...

still beautiful in all its greyness.

Anonymous said...

Hi DJ, I am so happy to see scenes of the beach again. My sources tell me they are going to re nourish the beach this summer. Have you heard any news about that?

Had to cancel my trip to the beach this week, so I am now hoping to get there for the Mardi Gras Parade on February 14th.


Anonymous said...
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