Friday, December 18, 2009

Gulf Islands National Seashore: The Treasure of the Gulf Coast

I was very excited to see a comment from Jill Hubbs, Director of Outreach and Educational Services at WSRE-TV, our local PBS affiliate, informing me that their excellent documentary, Gulf Islands National Seashore: The Treasure of the Gulf Coast, is now available for online viewing. Ms. Hubbs was the writer, director and producer of this remarkable film and even persuaded Ken Burns to narrate the piece which serves as a companion to his series The National Parks: America's Greatest Idea.

About 24 minutes into the documentary you will catch a glimpse of someone who was very special to us: Kirsten Dahlen, our Traveling Turtle Girl, who did so much to educate us with her blog, as she releases tiny sea turtle hatchlings into the Gulf of Mexico.

I am so happy to be able to share this special presentation of WSRE-TV with you on my blog and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Loui♥ said...

loved it..
thanks so much for sharing..
hugs and smiles..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this on your blog! This documentary was an absolutely exciting, wonderful and enjoyable project to work on for the last year. I love our beaches and the culture, history and beauty of Gulf Islands is absolutely incredible. And really, how lucky was I to be able to go to the beach for work, over and over? One of the next documentaries that I want to produce is about the sea turtles that visit Gulf Islands. When I met Kirsten, she invited us to accompany her to release a nest of baby sea turltes that she had rescued from high tides. I used to teach elementary school and I always taught a unit on sea turtles, so I already had a deep respect and a love for these amazing little creatures, but I had never seen a real sea turtle until she shared the newly-hatched baby turtles that she had rescued. She invited us to accompany her as she released the turtles, so we met her out at the site of the nest where she had rescued the eggs and we filmed it - and then she invited me and my videographer, Ted King, to release quite a few on my own. What a thrill! I'll never forget that day - Kirsten's passion for those sea turtles and for Gulf Islands National Seashore made such an impression on me. When I learned that she had died, we were still filming the documentary. You'll see her name in the credits of the film, accompanied by "In Memory Of." Her fellow park rangers were absolutely devastated by her loss. They spoke about her dedication to the national park as well as to the turtles - and the more I learned about her, I knew that I wanted to dedicate the film in her memory - a way to celebrate her life as well as honor her for her work at Gulf Islands. She was special.

D.J., thanks again for sharing the link to the documentary on your blog. I hope that your followers - and I will be one now - will enjoy it! And let's talk sometime soon about those turtles! Jill Hubbs, WSRE

Dave said...

Enjoyed very much, it brought back a lot of memories of being at all these places while on vacation the past couple of decades. I look forward to being back in the area soon.

Anonymous said...

What kind of video encoding was used for this? I am not able to see the video, only the place holder.

Anonymous said...

Got it!
Had to update my flash player.

Barrier Island Girl said...

I'm sorry you are having a problem viewing the documentary. You may find it on YouTube (it is their embeding code I used). You may also try it by cutting/pasting this link:

If you still have a problem -- or if anyone else has a problem viewing it, please let me know.


Tony said...

Thank you for sharing this. It was great to see her. I missed this when it aired.

Anonymous said...
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