Friday, December 18, 2009

Rough weather

Our rough weather continues, as you can see. I took advantage of a break in the rain to go outside and take this photo of Santa Rosa Sound being whipped up by the northeast wind.

A front moved through around 3:00 a.m. (I know this because of a whiplash injury at the age of 20 which has turned me into a human barometer.) Winds gusted up to 40 mph in the overnight hours and even now are sustained around 15 - 17 mph on the beach. Although our temperature is 47 degrees at the moment, I'm relieved they've revised the colder temps originally forecast for next week.

At at least it isn't nearly as cold here as it is with some of my blog friends! The Taylors in East Grand Forks, Minnesota are chillin' with 11 degrees this morning, and the Pattersons in Barrow, Alaska are at {{{drum roll}}} -21 degrees, with a wind chill of -40! YIKES!

Wouldn't it be nice to see sunshine! Even though I wouldn't dare go to the beach when the winds are this high, it would be nice to look out and see sun sparkling on the water again.


Unknown said...

I can only imagine the erosion on the beach from all this!!!!
Kathy in MN

Wilma said...

wow - it does look really rough out there! Here in Rochester MN it got to a balmy 25F today, but we have had minus single digits for lows recently. We may not see above freezing temps until spring! But you know something? It is all relative. I am sure that your winds feel as cold to you as our frigid temps feel to us. So stay warm and dry. BTW - your boat parade photos were great.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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