Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sea Oat Honey

I was very excited when I received a gift of 'Sea Oat Honey' from Mr. Morrie Drees this week and, as you can see from the jar, I've already been into it a couple of times!

Before Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004, Mr. and Mrs. Drees lived on the sound-side of the island, near the Beach Community Church. It was there that he kept a hive of honey bees which drowned during the storm. Luckily a sealed five gallon container of the honey survived by floating to the top of a confined area during the surge. As you can see from the container he gave me, it is still clear and has a lovely rich amber color.

Mr. Drees said that for honey to have a varietal name it must have 60% of a certain source, for instance, "orange blossom honey" must have 60% nectar from orange blossoms. So although he can't assume his is from sea oats, it surely tastes wonderful and I love the name!

Thanks, Mr. D.!

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