Sunday, August 02, 2009

Thank you!

Thanks to all my blog followers, I noticed my sitemeter is going to hit the 150,000 mark today! I've shared over 1500 posts about Pensacola Beach - almost all with photos - since I started my blog in April 2005. Can you believe it! Does that win me a Guinness Book World Record award of some type? ;-)

Some of my blog followers have even moved to the area! Sagar Raste and his beautiful wife, Vijaya, moved here from India! Who knew I had followers halfway around the world!

Judy Kuhn and her family very recently relocated to Gulf Breeze from Indiana. It was fun to read their enthusiasm about the move in her e-mails.

- Mary in California started following my blog when a family member moved here.

- Mary Lou in Missouri visits here with her family of 'Froot Loops' every year.

- Scottie & the Dougal in Atlanta {{{hugs to Doogie}}}

- My friend, Nancy, in Newnan, Georgia.

- Sweet, poetic Lou in Denver, Colorado - formerly from Pensacola, who is currently married to a former flight surgeon for the Blue Angels! Wow! And a great photographer, too!

- Dale and Bonnie Taylor from Minnesota! Their grandson, Ryan, would go out in the yard to blow south and help keep the hurricanes away from us last year!

- Annie Patterson in Barrow, Alaska, who used some of my photos of sea turtle hatchlings to help with her illustrations! [I'll be sure to tell you when the book is released next year and you can see her exquisite illustrations!]

There are so many more - some like 'Everyday Gautier' Sylvia that I've never even met but get used to seeing their location on a regular basis. I truly enjoy all the comments and e-mails that come my way, the friends I've made, and the loyalty to my blog.

But whether local or far away, the common thread for us all is our love of this beautiful island and a positive spirit. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy sharing this little piece of paradise with you! Let's go for another 150,000!



Lou said...

You've got it DJ!!
onward and upward!!
you do us all so very proud..
..for loving and promoting our paradise!!
..thanks for all you do to keep us firmly planted in those sugary white sands..
through words and photos!
We,honor YOU DJ.. with an award of excellence and annoit YOU Honorary Floridian, Keeper of the Sands!

Peggy said...

Congratulations DJ!! Your blog is an inspiration! Small world because the Vijaya that you speak of works with me!!

Barrier Island Girl said...

No way! Really!!!!! Wow!

What a lovely couple they are. Sagar is an excellent photographer, as you probably know.


D said...

Congratulations!!! that's quite a milestone. Thanks for sharing your lovely beach with us.

Anonymous said...

Dear D.J.,
I visit your blog everyday, but have never written anything...Now I will, to thank you for your photo offerings, that bring so much to my everymorning...I'm an artist, and love the beach and everything that swims and crawls and grows on it....THANK YOU SO MUCH !!
Carol Griffin - Baton Rouge, La.

Nancy said...

Hi DJ!
Congratulations! I feel so lucky to have you bring my favorite barrier island to me in photos when I am not physically there! Thanks for all you do for our love of Pensacola Beach!

Nancy from Newnan, GA (and Pensacola Beach whenever possible!)

BaysideLife said...

Congrats DJ. That's quite a milestone. You've done an inspired job of sharing the beauty of PB with so many of us. Look forward to the next 150,000.

Anonymous said...

Hi DJ, Congratulations on this milestone. I knew from the very first day I met you, that you were special and The Creme de la Creme of Pensacola Beach. You have given me, my friends and all your followers a gift that will last a life time.
Open the Champagne I'm coming over for a toast.
Hope to be at the beach for Labor
Day Weekend

Big Big Hugs and Woof Woof Woof's

Scottie and The Dougal

Big Big Hugs and Woof Woof Woof's

Scottie and The Dougal

Viju said...

It has been a pleasure following ur blog DJ, hope to keep reading :)