Thursday, August 06, 2009

My first hatchlings of the season!

Tonight I saw my first hatchlings of the season emerge as I helped nest-sit Santa Rosa 6081. The absolute wonder of the experience never changes.

The photo above shows the nest which remained screened until the hatchlings started emerging. Next to it is a section of brown tarp which we used to lay on when listening for activity in the nest. And the beautiful sunset is one of the perks we have as Gulf Island National Seashore park volunteers

One hundred and nine hatchlings began emerging at 8:29 p.m. (yes, the time and conditions are documented, just like with our own babies) and were escorted into the Gulf of Mexico There are 29 that remain in the nest and they have been safely screened in for the night to protect them from ghost crabs and other predators like fox and raccoons. Hopefully tomorrow the stragglers will emerge from the nest and begin their incredible journey.

Life is good!


Lou said...

Congratulations DJ!!!
thanks for sharing your joy and dedication to the momentous occasion,,
..indeed, LIFE is GOOD!!!

Elizabeth Barrette said...

This is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing. I enjoy hearing about wildlife.

BaysideLife said...

How exciting. Glad you were there to help them on their way.

jerilynn said...

Yay!!!!! Congratulations surogate mamma!

Linda said...

How amazing it must be to know that you helped in the propagation of a turtle species. And I don't belive I have EVER seen such a beautiful picture of a sunset. You have done well on both blogosphere friend.