Sunday, August 23, 2009

At civil twilight

The sky was awash with beautiful shades of rose, mauve, peach, and dusky blues this morning before dawn (also known as civil twilight), as I neared Pensacola Beach, about forty minutes into my patrol.

The water can often reflect the soft colors, as can the sand for a brief time after daylight.

Turning around and toward the western tip of the island where the old fort stands, I looked back for one last shot.

So beautiful and peaceful. Life is good.


Unknown said...

I love your site. We visited Pensacola in May (my son is in the Navy there) and we miss him terribly! Pssst:he's my baby! Anyway, it helps me to feel connected to him. We've been to all of these spots and it's like coming back home. We lived in Florida for 5 years and i still miss it! We are coming back for a visit on Sept 3rd and I can't wait! Have a great week!

Lou said...

I think Donna has beach sand in her shoes..
and Pensacola in her heart!!
♥ smiles!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Donna, welcome to my blog. How wonderful that you're coming back for a visit. Before my husband and I moved here full-time, I looked forward to our visits so much. Now I feel I'm one of the luckiest ladies alive to live in this piece of paradise.

I hope your son is doing well. My father-in-law was in the Navy also as a pilot and a lead navigator. He recently compiled a book for me with photos, copies of orders to various places he was stationed during his time in the Navy, and momentos. It is very special to me.

I agree with Lou. Sounds like you defintely got some sand in your shoes and that means you have to come back! :-)