Friday, June 06, 2008

Sea dog!

I ran into this adorable, friendly pooch on the beach this morning, romping in the surf. That's some serious bed-head you have going on there, fella. (But what is he/she???)

Don't let Buck Lee see you out here on the beach!

[I've had e-mails and a comment that this could be a wire-haired fox terrier or a labradoodle, but my favorite was from lady "Lou" who said it must be a sea dog. HA! Hence a change in the title of the post. Whatever it is, it has personality plus.]


Anonymous said...

..maybe a wire-haired terrier?
or possibly just a sea dog come ashore?

Anonymous said...

my hair is shorter than that !!

Anonymous said...

Sea Dog?????

Hey that's my buddy Jack he lives at Portofino and can be seen in the window at Guava on 9th Ave.

The Dougal