Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brides on the Beach

Capturing a photographer at work with a bride is something I had always wanted. Last night I had that opportunity when Steve Frame of Steven Frame Photography and Video allowed me to follow him for a shoot on the beach.

Staying out of the way and trying to photograph behind the scene was not easy in fading light, with no flash and no tripod, but I think you will get an idea of the process.

A simple composition. Steve posed the bride and prepares to take a lovely shot of her...

But click on this photo and you will see the distractions (not to mention me behind him) with which he contends. You have to ask yourself, don't people strolling along the water realize they are walking right through his shot!

Incredible under pressure, Steve got his photos last night, will prepare proofs for the bride, and have an 11x14 ready for display at her wedding Saturday evening! Now that's a professional!

You can check out Steve's online portfolio of family and bridal photos here.

Thanks, Steve!

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