Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hurricane Season arrives

The first day of hurricane season has arrived and I have one major to-do list on the calendar: photograph the contents of each room, closet, cabinet, and drawer of the house, plus the garage.

Since I use a digital camera, I will download the photos on an external hard drive. Hopefully I will never have to print them out for an insurance claim (especially the one of my closet!), but if necessary they will be there.

Whether or not you live on the Gulf Coast, this is a very important thing you can do to protect yourself against loss, especially after all the natural disasters which have been in the news this year. If a disaster hits, it's impossible to try to recall every item in your home, so take the time to photograph your home and its contents.


Anonymous said...

good morning from sunny denver..
67 degress here..very low humidity
here are a few additional tips..
.a list of important phone numbers for doctor,banker, attorney, friends, relatives.sometimes we lose the ability to think when placed in a stressful situation.
.make copies of all important documents
.photocopies of credit cards FRONT and BACK.. this will enable you to contact the company directly in case of disaster, or identity theft..
.vehicle registrations and photos of each.
.pet registrations,medical info, and photos
.personal medical info for self and family members..
keep all of these documents in your safe deposit box.
(a trusted relative in another state has a package of my important stuff in her safe deposit box, she also is executrix of my estate..
let's hope no one has to make use of these copies..
have a safe and wonderful summer..
lou in denver

Barrier Island Girl said...

Thanks for all the extra tips, Lou. You've gone through it yourself, so you know the drill!