Monday, June 09, 2008

Fiesta Sand Sculpture Contest

The Fiesta of Five Flags Sand Sculpture Contest was held at Casino Beach yesterday. The beach was packed and folks strolled around to check out all the entries.

There was a great turn-out of participants. The closer you moved toward the water, the more crowded it became.

There were several age categories and an Open Division had been added for professionals and semi-pros.

I loved this one: "No dogs or glass allowed on the beach." How creative!

I wonder if the Tree Frog won first prize and claimed the $1,000 prize. It was incredible.

Yikes! There's an alligator on the beach!

How cute! A king and queen kissing fish.

Four beautiful dolphins springing out of the gulf water.

What sweet faces. Great work.

Wow! It's American Idol (the "C" version). Look, 'dawg' even has Randy's body language.

We had some very talented sculptors this year.

And SO creative.

Ahhh, a poor mermaid was washed ashore.

These little frogs were adorable. Look at the expression on their faces!

The Pensacola Beach sign! Turn right!

A Pensacola Beach pelican!

Ooohhh, an octopus!

This crab would make one big crab cake, no?

Look! It's a pink iPod!

Yo ho ho! The dead man found the treasure chest.

Celebrating Tristan de Luna's landing 450 years ago!

A beautiful cross in front of a stained glass window was created by local church group. Excellent guys and gals!

Oh my, it's so hot I wish this sundae was real! Yum!

A tiny pyramid! I wonder what's buried inside.

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