Sunday, February 24, 2008

Surfin' Sunday

It was a spectacular day at the pier, surfers had thigh to waist-high surf action. The water was simply beautiful. We may not have the biggest waves at Pensacola Beach, but our surfers are just dedicated to the sport. Borrowing a quote from Pensacola News Journal forum poster, 'whetherguy':

"half a world apart,
same ocean, same art"

I could watch them surf all day. (Easy for me to say.)

Catchin' a wave...

Oh no! Wipe-out for surfer girl, but surfer dude made it up.


C.L. Davis said...

I have never posted on your blog before, but I have to say I LOVE stopping by and looking at all your beautiful pictures. I have lurked for a long time. Your home area is just beautiful. I think that what you see everyday sure makes the hurricane risk worth it. I'm envious!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Thank you, 'Bolt! It's great to get feedback and comments from my blog viewers, so I'm glad you took the plunge today.

Yes, we definitely live in a little paradise here and I never take it for granted. Perhaps because I know how quickly it could be taken away or forever changed by a hurricane. It is wonderful to be about to walk out of my house and see such incredible beauty around me day after day. I'm a very lucky person indeed.

Annie Patterson said...

Oh these pics are so cool! The color of the water is amazing, like a jewel. I want to dive right into the picture itself!