Monday, February 11, 2008

So blue

Now THIS is Pensacola Beach blue!


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at your blogs for some time now and I would just like to thank you for some great photos. I use to live in St. Petersburg and I really miss home. I live in Boise, ID now, and every time I look at your photos I can't figure out why I'm here. My girlfriend and I will be moving back to FL but not for another 2 years. Until then I will keep looking at your blog and dreaming of home-sweet-home, Thank you

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hey there, 'Blue in Boise'. ;-) I sorta know how you feel. After I discovered this area and fell in love with it, I focused on the day I could move here as a full-time resident.

I used to surf the Internet looking for webcams and websites that fueled my dreams. They were a bit harder to come by at that time.

When I moved here full time in 2005 I started using my little digital camera and posting the photos on a blog to share the beauty of Pensacola Beach. I figured there were two types of people who would be interested: those who love Pensacola Beach and those who were looking for a little slice of paradise.

Hang in there! You'll be back in FL and digging your toes into our sugar white sand.

Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

hey dj...
i too am like anonymous...
only cold and blue in denver..
your daily sojourns are my solace..
like dorothy, i keep clicking the heels of my ruby slippers..
one of these days i'll be back home again to stay!!!
no more slippers..
just sun kissed cheeks and buried toes..
'til that day comes, thanks for being my constant link to paradise..
and home!!!..