Monday, February 04, 2008

Pensacola Beach Mardi Gras Parade I

I finally realized it will take me a while to get through all the photos I took at the Pensacola Beach Mardi Gras Parade on Sunday afternoon. Here's a few of the characters I ran into along the staging route before the start of the parade:

She's an 'Angel in Disguise'--her button says so! It looks like she'll have her work cut out for her today!

Ahhh, isn't this sweet? There are angels everywhere, but one is still a bit devilish from the looks of it.

YIKES! Our angel better get busy with this guy waiting down the road!

It's Carmen Miranda!

An empty jester.

But can he yodel?

How true!

Stacks of beads edge the floats, ready to be tossed to the crowd.

All these years and I never realized the secret to a buff body was 100% cotton.

Holy smokes, Batman! The catwomen are being stalked by Cat in the Hat!

The devil and Mrs. Jones?

Amazingly understated in this crowd!

King Tut!

Miss Piggy!

Pirates and a band of ruffians.

She must be important. She's got the bag of lapel pins.

Peace, dude.

Plutonians have invaded the beach!

Yikes! The warrior queen has arrived.

They look like Wrecks.

A Viking child?

The Wagonmaster waiting patiently.

Maybe we ought to try the Krewe of Bananimals?
Nah...we're more Coma speed.


Anonymous said...

Interesting costumes..looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm going to be in Pensacola a few days late... Ia'd have loved to have been there for Mardi Gras.

Barrier Island Girl said...

But what a perfect time to be here for the weekend! The weather is gorgeous and so is the water.

Anonymous said...

You guys have all the fun...