Saturday, February 02, 2008

Krewe of LaFitte Illuminated Parade

Pensacola's Krewe of LaFitte Illuminated Parade started with a boom last night as canons sounded the start of the parade down Spring and Garden Streets.

If you've never attended this parade, the Krewe of LaFitte has spectacular, lighted floats which you really should see in person to appreciate. You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Yikes! Time to lower the baby, dad. Beads are a tossin'!

Ships and pirates and lots beads.

Baby's first beads!

Hey look at these beads. I think I'll save these for my sugar.

Darn, I chopped off the dragon's head! This is a beautiful float.

The Krewe of LaFitte's huge parrot float is always a favorite.

Hey mister, throw me some beads!

A pirate fortress.

The Octopus float was great!

Many hours of hard work are evident and the colors are beautiful!

Ohhh, a pirate and his chest of gold.

More beads! More beads!

The Krewe of Aquatica.

A Jester from Navarre!

Navarre Krewe of Jesters.

Krewe of Eagles.

That's one big eagle!

The kids in the parade were fantastic last night. They were full of energy and having a ball.

See my beads!

Tiny twirler!

These little girls had more energy than an energizer bunny...hop, hop, hop.

So, like, no fair. We have to throw these beads?

Krewe of Seville, those little devils!

These young man has obviously learned how to catch some beads!

Ooohhh, this is a scary float.

The Krewe of Sirens

The Krewe of Sirens went 'Red' for the parade. We love your heart!

Hey, that looks like a plutonium shopping cart.

Plutonium message: ET phone home.

Krewe of Plutonium had cool throws!

Hey, lady, throw us some beads!

Look who came to the parade!
A mermaid!

I LOVE his hat!

This is fun!

Life is good when you're a pirate!

Uncle Sam brought up the end of the parade.

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Anonymous said...

wow, u guys have alot of parades down there!
I can't wait till St. Patty's Day!