Saturday, February 18, 2006

Kritter Krawl

Obviously I should win since I am the only one appropriately dressed!

If I told you once, I have told you a hundred times that the green eyeshadow doesn't work for you! Mom's gonna be SO ticked!

Mari Gras, St. Paddy, who cares. I'm a party animal.

I just HATE what this damp weather does to my hair!

Hey, I thought they said this was the Black & White Ball.

This is NOT a do- rag. It is a head wrap!


Pugsley, you must learn to loosen up at these affairs.

I'm working my a-- off here, folks!

Sweet Rosie.

Looking for my Prince Charming.

I'm missing my nap for THIS?

I may be short, but I'm feisty.


Anonymous said...

definitely winners all..
but #3 the party animal is my favorite!!
again, excellent photography dj!!

campbell said...

Oh, I was mesmerized by the doggie shots...each one was unique and fun! I want you to explain how the Mardi Gras celebration is organized for dogs and kids.

The kids were cute; at least all they had to fight was rain, we have a bunch of snow (week late) plus this evening, a bit of sleet.

Saw "Tuesday at Morrie's" at TPAC today...excellent. Penny and I cry at the drop of the hat so we had tears streaming most of the performance...even ol' Rick was teared up. If you have a chance, try to see it because it may help give you and Carl a runnin' chance with those future events we all have to face. I thought it was profound.

Guess I should have emailed all this to you since now the world knows you!