Saturday, February 25, 2006

Krewe of Lafitte parade in Pensacola!

My very first Mardi Gras parade! Thanks so much to the Krewe of Lafitte for hosting this fantastic Mardi Gras event. It was definitely fun for the whole family.

I caught a ton of beads (in between shots, of course), some mini Moon Pies, and all I had to flash was a smile. Of course I also screamed out a lung and can't talk this morning, but I'm sure I'll recouperate in time for the next parade.

Wow! I wasn't expecting something this big!

A 1,000 kilowatt smile! And you saw them everywhere!

The Krewe of Lafitte had at least 12 or 13 awesome floats in the parade!

"Coconuts sitting in my hand, remindin' me of my island man,
And my island man sitting in his hut, dreamin' about my coconuts."
-- Joan Baez

"I love you, man" (Can you believe the size of that dude's beads!)

Great sketches were available by Brandon in front of Palafox Place.

And inside Palafox Place they featured some of Brandon's Mardi Gras-themed oils.

Hmmm...the royal court? "Come along, dear, she is not the royal photographer."

And royal jesters! I love the jesters!

"Wooo hoooooo! Over here!"

Ahhhhhhhhhh....tiny screamer, with her first beads.

Look! It's Puff, the Magic Dragon! What a fabulous, fun float.

"Moon Pie! Me want mini Moon Pie!" (And her little jacket said, "My First Mardi Gras")

The floats were wonderful! And I loved the pirates!

Gee, I need to brush up on my Krewes.

Ruh roh, I think this drone has figured out what the Queen Bee has in store for him.

Baby's first Mardi Gras!


Anonymous said...

wonderful shots!!!
your creativity "put" me right there in the midst of moment...
mardi gras is so much fun..for all ages..
you captured the essence of the entire scene!
who says you can't go back?
your photos provide a magic carpet ride back home everyday!!
thanks so much!!

campbell said...

Super pic's! I've never seen a Mardi Gras parade; only on TV. I agree with Lou, the pictures put me right there! It looks like so much fun! I need to be there!