Thursday, August 30, 2012

During Hurricane Isaac

Thankfully we're only getting periods of high wind and rain from feeder bands.

Below are a few video clips from the past couple of days.  The first is our neighbor's home during one of the heavy squalls.  I was tucked away on our front porch (you may want to turn down the sound since wind and rain noise is high).

During a break, I drove to Casino Beach and took video of the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier. It's difficult to hold the camera steady during such high winds. It was gusting around 38-40 mph at this time.

Back in my neighborhood, I checked to see how our neighborhood dock was holding up. At the end you will see how the high winds are pushing water ashore on the Sound side--as well as increased shaking as I turn into the wind. Notice the poor tern which is helping to block the sea gull on the pier!


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