Saturday, September 01, 2012


The Gulf is finally settling down and there are surfers and paddle-boarders out enjoying the sunshine.  I checked a few of our nests today .

I discovered some large shells which, I believe, are Atrina Serrata:  Sawtooth Penshells 

Beautiful, but eroded beaches.  Swimmers should be very wary of rip currents.

Hundreds of exhausted shorebirds.

This young gull was feasting in the wrack line.

This huge buoy washed ashore during Tropical Storm Debby, but was never claimed.  Now it's setting much higher on the beach.


~margo~ said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your blogs are being read and shared. Your Isaac blogs were excellent! Thank you for letting us see what the damage has been.
I went out on the Pier at FWB late on Tuesday...very exciting with the wind and the waves coming up onto the pier. Got some neat wave shots, but nothing as superb as yours. Thanks again.

~margo~ said...

I sent your site out to some friends who would enjoy it and here is an interesting response I received from an old high school friend from 50 years ago. I think you will enjoy it.
Just watched the video by Barrier Girl.....OMG how fantastic!!! Loved every bit of it...would love to see the turtles hatch n return to the water. Our daughter who lives in Melbourne, FL, went to the beach with some friends a few months ago....they just happened to see a huge turtle (daughter has a big SUV and said "the turtle was every bit as big as the hood of her car"!!!) They watched the turtle come out of the water, dig her nest in the sand and lay her eggs. When finished they watched her leave the nest and go back into the ocean. As you can imagine it was an awesome sight to see!!! Process took hours but they stayed and watched in awe! I went over the next night because I also wanted to see but it didn't happen. Did see one smaller turtle going back in the ocean but that was all. Maybe some other time, I hope!
Thanks for sharing the video....gosh, it was so good and her writing was fantastic!!