Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The neighborhood - Tuesday afternoon

There wasn't a lot of flooding within my neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon.  The flooding we experienced was due to high winds pushing the choppy Intracoastal water ashore on the Sound side.  Below are some photos in my area.

The above photo is actually a home in the adjoining neighborhood. 

Looking east toward Portofino.
Looking west toward Sugar Bowl. 

Our community dock. 

The above photo shows why we don't use the lower levels of our homes on the island for living space.  We use the area as our garage and for storage.   Houses built to code must design the lowest level to "blow-out," if they are enclosed, so that the walls can break away during a storm surge and not create more resistance on the struture. 


Unknown said...

DJ, your photographs are intense. I'm from the northeast, but currently reside the Texas desert where we are dealing with the opposite. I appricate seeing this up close view. I heard about your blog from Trampled By Iguanas. I write 1,000 Miles on My Own Two Feet, and I like to share your post on my facebook page (of the same name). Thank you for sharing these photos. I hope you and your loved ones endure Hurricaine Issac okay!

PJ said...

All is well and all is well. So glad this was the worst of it.