Friday, June 03, 2011


Paddleboarding is becoming very popular in our area and even if you aren't a participant, it is very enjoyable just to observe.


BaysideLife said...

My next door neighbor paddle boards almost every day, thought he beach definitely looks more challenging than the bay. I don't think I have the coordination any more to do this. But it looks like fun! This guy seems to have it down.

Ashley said...

That is my buddy Stephen Dittrick, a Navarre Beach local.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hey Ash, would you please let him know about it? He was photographing his friend earlier who was also paddleboarding, but he probably doesn't have a lot of photos or video of himself. It was really beautiful to pause and watch them.



Ashley said...

DJ, I sent a link to his wife. If it was a blond lady he was photographing, that was his wife Sissy. They are two of the best paddleboard/surfers in our area.