Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Turnstone and the Crab

A Ruddy Turnstone and a ghost crab face off over a fish.


BaysideLife said...

I hope the turnstone won. The ghost crabs are nice to look at but their appetites include turtle eggs, etc.

Angela said...

i've always loved looking at your photos! it makes me feel like i'm still a part of pensacola.

i'm about to re-decorate one of the living rooms in my house and i wanted to do a photo wall of things that remind me of home -- do you think i could enlist you (paid, of course) for some photos? :)

Barrier Island Girl said...

You got that right, Claire! I used to think ghost crabs were cute until I started patroling and nest sitting and realized they would eat the eggs or hatchlings!

Angela, if you look under the photography links you will see my Barrier Island Girl SmugMug site where I sell photos. Just scroll down til you see the "My Paradise" category. That's where my nature shots are located. Thanks so much for the compliment!