Sunday, June 26, 2011

False crawls!

Shortly after sunrise this morning I came across my first false crawl. It was a little west of Marker E...

Less than ten minutes later I came across my second false crawl, almost a condensed version of the first. It was located about a quarter of a mile farther east, on the east side of Marker E...

And less than ten minutes later I came across my THIRD false crawl approximately another quarter of a mile east, which put it between Marker E and D.

I've never found three false crawls during one patrol. And, what made it even more interesting is that when I took measurements of each crawl width, I discovered the crawls were made by three different sea turtles.

One track was 36" wide; one was 37" wide; and one was 38" wide. Also, the track patterns themselves were different. Tracks may have a unique pattern if there has been an injury to a flipper or if barnacles are present on the plastron (belly) of the sea turtle.

Although I did not discover an actual nest today, it's still fun to know they will try again within the next day or so and hopefully be more successful!

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