Sunday, July 04, 2010


I'd like to send out a S.O.S. message to all my readers who live in or are visiting this area:

S.O. S. - Support Our Shops!

Most of our shops and restaurants are owned and operated by locals and they rely on the summer season to get them through the rest of the year. Right now they are suffering and I'm afraid some may either have to cut back on their staff or possibly close unless we pull together to help them through this difficult time brought about by the BP eco-disaster.

Stores like Island Style are currently running great 50% off sales under their own S.O.S. banner which reads SAVE OUR STORE! So, if you need a new pair of sandals or tee shirt or sunglasses, keep them in mind.

That same S.O.S. message is especially true for small family restaurants like Native Cafe (check out their delicious menu HERE); Florida Pizza Kitchen; and Dog House Deli. There's also the newly-opened Castaways, the elegant Grand Marlin, and the ever-popular spots like Flounders, Peg Leg Pete's, and Paradise. There are even more fan favorites out here on the island, but each and every one of them will be so happy to see you and appreciate your patronage.

I extend a BIG thanks to those visitors who have written me to say they were keeping their reservations in place and coming to Pensacola Beach this summer despite the presence or absence of oil during their stay. It is your support which will keep our local businesses going!



The Florida Blogger said...

Jimmy Buffet was saying the same thing on an interview he recently did with Anderson Cooper.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Really!!? Then I guess I must be a cool dude'ess if I'm on the same wave link. Ha!

Jimmy is tops in my book, opening the new Margaritaville Hotel in Pensacola Beach at a time when we needed it the most --- and the JIMMY BUFFET name???? Doesn't get much better. We are so appreciative.

Shellbelle said...

You know he's doing a free concert in Alabama this weekend to bring "awareness, action and hope." It was supposed to be the other day, but Hurricane Alex stopped him, but he still did a surprise appearance at his sister's restaurant. Gotta LOVE Jimmy!

Great quote, wish people had paid attention before it was too late. Hopefully this is a big wakeup call for many.