Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blue Angels Air Show

Yesterday was perfect for getting away from it all, putting the oil spill behind for a few hours, and looking to the sky. Friends Mike and Chrissy Cook were hosts for a lovely day at their home in Villa Sabine. Some of us watched the show from the large deck, while others walked out to the dock and cooled off occasionally with a quick dip in Little Sabine Bay.

Team RV was awesome - as was the entire show.

Little Sabine Bay was PACKED! (Note Skip Stewart and his custom built bi-plane flying over the pier.)

And here is a shot of Skip Stewart climbing straight up over the new Margaritaville Beach Hotel. I have to tell you, after watching his performance, Skip Stewart is one crazy dude!!!

We love the Blue Angels!

Hanging at the dock.

Fat Albert!

The C130 (Fat Albert) is gigantic! It's incredible to see something that huge flying.

Fat Albert banks around the Pensacola Beach Ball.

And here come the Blue Angels.

Streaking over Margaritaville.

Once more 'round the Beach Ball, boys.

Plenty of spectators out in boats.

Big boats, too!

Spectators on the pool deck at Margaritaville had one of the best views on the beach.

The Fleur de lis!

Kayaking along, watching the show.

Zooming over down the beach.

What a gorgeous day!

Thanks to the awesome Blue Angels for another wonderful show!


Stephanie said...

Great pictures DJ! Glad we were able to get to see you!

jerilynn said...

It is official.... it has been a year since we thoroughly enjoyed the Blues (twice) at P'cola Beach. Missing it so!