Monday, July 19, 2010


Next to finding a sea turtle nest or even a false crawl - neither of which I've found this year - the biggest enjoyment I get during my Ft. Pickens turtle patrols is watching shore and sea birds.

These lovely Ruddy Turnstone wait for a wave to bring some tasty crustaceans or molluscs their way.

A willet at the shoreline; bits of June grass are still washing ashore in the waves.

Sanderlings and plovers are especially fun to spy this time of year because you may spot their tiny chicks foraging with them.

A Least Tern colony at Ft. Pickens.

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Novice Naturalist said...

Thanks for the lovely photos. I especially like the wave action in the photo with the willet. Gorgeous photography. Hope you have a good oil-free week,with some major turtle action.