Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bands on the Beach

We had a beautiful night for Bands on the Beach. The Gulf had calmed considerably after rough surf over the Memorial Day weekend.

Folks are really starting to turn out for this Tuesday evening event on the beach.

Little Ryan Nelson is only 19 months and quickly learning there's always one strand of spaghetti which won't cooperate!

Luckily he has his grandma, Shelia Ivie, to help out. These were my favorite photos of the evening.

Four-year old Katie just loves to dance.

The kids love being able to dance to their heart's content at Bands on the Beach.

Jim and Linda Knell enjoy the music after a very busy day with the Military Fishing Expedition, one of the events during May's Military Appreciation Month. Great job, Jim! Linda is the upcoming president for the Pensacola Beach Women's Club. Congratulations, Linda.

Southern Breeze was the featured band last night. You may enjoy their southern rock sound by clicking HERE.

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