Friday, May 15, 2009

Portofino water park

I walked past Portofino a couple of times this week on my way to Range Point and noticed that they have a very nice set up with slides, trampolines and water volleyball this year.

For the more adventurous, Tiki Island Golf & Games has their giant water slide (shown below) set up on the north side of the island between Tropical Waves and Soundside Market.

I've also heard Tiki Island has a special combo package which allows you to enjoy the slide as long as you want, then head over to play miniature golf for as many times as you want!

It's nice to see more activities available for kids on Pensacola Beach this summer.


PJ said...

We noticed the slide a week or so ago when we ate at The Surf Burger.

tiki island said...

Thanks for the Plug DJ and we really do want to add more family
activities, after all family and kids is what it is all about