Friday, July 20, 2007

Blue Angels dress rehearsal

At exactly 1:50 p.m. this afternoon we saw the arrival of "Fat Albert" over Pensacola Beach.

Look around and there's no doubt how much we love the Blue Angels on Pensacola Beach.

We could barely believe our eyes when #2 went into this steep climb!

So close I could almost reach out and touch #4!

Beautiful formation!

Friends enjoy the show and the nice breeze off the Gulf of Mexico.

This adorable beach baby is not intimidated by the noise at all. She must be a future Blue Angel pilot.

The Blue Angels slow their speed in this maneuver so we have a chance to admire them.

Keep your fingers crossed that the rain moves through tonight so we can enjoy these magnificent pilots in the real show tomorrow. If by chance they are forced to cancel tomorrow's show due to storms, it will be rescheduled for Sunday.

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BaysideLife said...

We're going to miss the Blues this weekend much to our disappointment, so your pictures of these precision flyers lessens our disappointment. Thanks