Monday, January 02, 2006

Toast to Pensacola Beach -- 2006!

Taking a quick break from my usual posting style, I'd like to thank all my blog viewers/visitors for their support in 2005.

In July of last year, I moved to Pensacola Beach as a full-time resident. Despite the destruction that hurricanes and tropical storms brought upon us, there were always special moments which pierced my heart with their beauty: a ray of sunlight breaking through cloudy skies on the Gulf, a north wind flinging the tip of a high wave skyward, a totally calm day which turned the Sound into a glass surface. All these were fleeting things no words could capture.

If I wanted to share the essence of this barrier island, which I so dearly love, I needed to let you see it through my eyes. I hoped that if I was able to capture a moment which took my breath away, perhaps you would feel that moment of excitement too.

I especially appreciate feedback from all of you, whether comments on the blog or e-mails. Next to the joy of taking photographs on this incredible, ever-changing barrier island, hearing from you is my greatest reward. You've expanded my dreams and opened doors I would have passed by. In no small way, all of you have influenced my life.

So, to my visitors, my friends, have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2006.

"Now the currents picked up pulling me along.
As if to say, don't tarry here too long.
So much more to see, still undisturbed by man
So little time!"

-- Milancie Adams, 1993


Barrier Island Girl said...

Hee, are SO right, Anne. Enduring those gentle breezes and being sun-kissed on a winter day is the hardest part, whew! Rough work, but I'll sacrifice myself for you guys!

You're a hoot!

Anonymous said...

DJ - thanks so much for sharing your pictures and thoughts with us. I'm looking forward to seeing more throughout the new year of 2006!

Anonymous said...

simply stated..
BACK ATCHA'.. tenfold!!!
don't ever stop doing what you do..
you've got the groove!