Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nauga-sighting on Pensacola Beach

The Krewe of Naugas hosted their annual breakfast at The Dock on January 28. This was one fun-lovin' group. The shy or faint of heart need not attend. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the event, attendees show up in their favorite 'jammies -- generally sporting Mardi Gras colors.

I'll be accepting 'donations' to view the risque shots which can not be shown here. :-)

Whoa! Stand back, boys!

Now these are what I call classy ladies. They sleep in tuxes!

This guy has a monkey on his back!

A fan who color-coordinated Mardi Gras with her favorite team.

Two-fisted drinker.

Dahling... how glorious to see you.

Pretty pink ladies.

Hey, I got two more tickets! See?

Ready to rumble!

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campbell said...

That has to be so much fun! You know how I love parties. Is there some kind of "theme" for costumes, etc.?

Happy pictures!