Saturday, October 04, 2008

What a day!

I had a great time at the Art & Wine Weekend, meeting all kinds of folks, some of which actually knew me! (Shout out to "Dad, in Oregon" who follows my blog! Your adorable daughter came by and mentioned you.)

I didn't leave my area today. After all, it was my very first show and wasn't sure what to expect.

That's me under my tent. A very sweet photographer, JoAnn, wanted to take my photo when she found out it was my first show. On the right is "Jesse's girl(friend)" from Native Cafe!

Oh yea, Sisters, I need one of these!

Isn't he adorable!!! The Sun Conure too, of course. I loved this exquisite bird. He even sat on my shoulder for a while!

Ahhh...sweet babies were appropriately oohed over.

The Beach Bum Trolley! Did you know that you can ride west from Peg Leg Pete's to Geronimo's Outpost on the east end of the island again tomorrow for free, courtesy of the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce. Stop off where you like and enjoy artists at various venues.


And more FEWgrass! How fun to be close to them today and appreciate their great music.

Mousie brings her ukulele over to join with FEWgrass!

Back at her tent Mousie serenades Carleen Wheeler and her friend, Edie Draper. You must come have your caricature drawn tomorrow. And Mousie is also a great poster artist. You should see her New Orleans Mardi Gras prints and her Mermaids.

It was such a fun time meeting folks at the Art & Wine Weekend. Please come out and join us tomorrow and stop by to say hello. I'll be located between Paddy O'Leary's and Island Realty


Unknown said...

They are the best: but it can be exhausting to spend a long day there, especially if your performing! But art needs to be displayed, there's no stopping that.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Whew! You got that right, Robert. I had a great time and hopefully we will be able to have this event on the beach every year.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words about my Sun Conure, Helios! And me too :-)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I had a great time at the festival and were so excited to meet you. The 'Sea Sobriety Test' photo looks great in our home. Thanks for the shout out to my dad and your sweet comment about me! Hope to see you and your work again at many more of our local festivals. -Rena