Friday, June 22, 2012


Last Sunday I discovered one nest and two false crawls on my patrol.  It was awesome to actually see and video-tape a sea turtle as she finished nesting. 

There were a couple of other interesting photos I took that day.  One of the false crawls rambled around and then she exited the beach over an escarpment that was almost 2 feet high.  Look at her slide marks!

 Rambling tracks.
A photo of her approach from the Gulf onto the shore. Notice that she crawled right over a soft drink or beer plastic ring holder.  Thank goodness she didn't get one of her flippers tangled in it.  


BaysideLife said...

What fun you must have on your patrols when you come across a crawl. Sad to see plastic trash on the beach.

~margo~ said...

Hi from FWB, just down Hwy 98 from you. I rarely ever make comments since I play "catch-up" with your blogs about every 2-3 months and then read them all at once.
I have learned a lot about the turtles from reading your blogs...things I never knew before!
Thank you.
I still post sometimes in WU as "cincobayou" but not too often any more. Lou in Denver is a friend...she is moving to P'Cola soon. Know she'll be happy to meet you.