Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mama Mia heads home

One of my i-friends in California was lamenting the fact that she didn't get to see Mama Mia, the nesting loggerhead sea turtle, actually disappear into the surf in the earlier video. What a great set-up she gave me. I stopped video-taping in order to get a couple of still photos, then I resumed. The following clip is just a few seconds long, but it is fun to watch her disappear into the waves.

Poor Mama Mia, she needs a good backscrubbing. Did you notice? {{How rude of me to point that out!}}}

1 comment:

Sprocket said...

D J!!!!! You rock girl! Thank you soooo much! I was curious if she would let the water help take her back out to sea once she reached the water.

I still wanted to follow her under the surf. "If only" we had one of those cams they put on the penguins....