Monday, November 23, 2009

Gulf Breeze Pet Fest

One of the fun things about having a photo blog is being able to show you a lot more photos than the local papers. This was one of the charming faces they missed yesterday at the Gulf Breeze Pet Fest.

Poor baby looks so sad. Perhaps it's because no one has adopted this gentle giant yet. Please check out this link to the Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue. They have many wonderful dogs who need good homes.

Or even consider becoming a foster home!

Ah ha! There were some amazing exotics at yesterday's Pet Fest.

I must admit to not being overly fond of reptiles, but this fellow was pretty incredible.

What a beauty! Look at those ice blue eyes.

Sizing up the competition.

Hey, Buddy!

A Bichon angel...and she actually has wings to prove it.

Representing the exotics, these two young ladies have three entries, but you'll have to click on the photo to spot them all.

Back side of the dog...

This is the front.


Sara said...

My kind of pictures! I love the first dog with the tutu

BaysideLife said...

Great looking pooches. Hope the knee is healing nicely.

D said...

Aw, they're so cute!...well almost all of them are :) I much prefer the furry ones to the scaly ones.

PJ said...