Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After Ida

I'm very appreciative that Ida was pretty much a non-event for us here on Pensacola Beach -- at least in my neighborhood. We didn't so much as lose a palm frond in our yard and we had no flooding. Issues of beach erosion and road conditions within the National Seashore may be another story.

Ft. Pickens Road and Bowden Way (the road to Navarre Beach) are both closed. I was hoping that Bowden Way would reopen quickly, but now I'm not so sure after looking at some of the photos in this morning's Pensacola News Journal online. It is going to take a while for the water to drain and the sand to be plowed off the road.

You may check out some of the PNJ photos of Pensacola Beach after Tropical Storm Ida by clicking HERE.


PJ said...

Thanks for the PNJ link. I hope they can fix JEB Way without too much trouble. It doesn't bode well for a hurricane, I wonder why there isn't some kind of mitigation for that. Engineers? Any thoughts?

Pensacola Beach Blogger said...

Hi DJ! I tried taking Bowden on my way to work this morning with no luck. I got some pictures of Bowden Way covered with sand this morning. Glad you are back on your feet!

Pat Harris said...

I live in Tennessee but my heart in is Pensacola. I pray for all on the coast everytime there is a hurricane threat to anyone, but especially my beloved Pensacola. Thankful that season was mild. I read your blog as often as my heart will let me, I miss the beach so much! Thank you for letting me visit and see my Pensacola.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Thank you so much Pat. We love it here and worry every time there is a storm that it will be the last time we're able to see the west end of the island and the old fort. It is a very special place.

By the way, I moved here from Middle Tennessee!