Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brown Pelican

Here are a couple of our Brown Pelicans that I frequently see near Pensacola Pass. I sometimes sometimes where they have all gone. Before the road to Ft. Pickens reopened I would hike a few miles into the Ft. Pickens area of Gulf Islands National Park and see hundreds of them along the shore, plunging head first into the Gulf for fish.

They are sometimes a bit difficult to photograph unless you have a good telephoto lens, although a few overcome their shyness and hang out near fishing piers and docks.


Peggy said...

I have always had a fascination with Pelicans!! Your picture is fabulous! I thought I would see more here than I have. They seem to be in abundance further south. Guess they like the warmer weather :)

BaysideLife said...

Great photo. Wonderful detail. They're such prehistoric looking birds.

Pelican Products said...

I love this photo and it reminds me of one of the shots that I could find in National Geographic magazines. I love to see wild pelicans in action and they are the most intriguing bird to me. Pelicans are incredibly smart and therefore can also be incredibly amusing. One great video I have seen lately is of a pelican scooping up and holding a pigeon in its mouth. I laughed for hours and found it necessary to show everyone I know. It is easily found on Youtube if you would also like to watch it.