Thursday, February 19, 2009

King Juan Carlos & Queen Sophia visit Pensacola!

We had a sunny day to show off our beautiful beach to King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sophia as they visited Pensacola Beach overnight. Small crowds of locals and school children turned out to greet them along their route this morning as they departed the beach for downtown Pensacola. I hoofed it west toward the Boardwalk area to have less competition viewing and photographing the procession.

Here comes police cars and motorcycles. The Royal Couple can't be far behind.

Oh no, a windshield, a few splattered lovebugs, and a couple of secret service agents got between King Juan Carlos and me. But that's him in the back seat.

One of the gentlemen in the crowd brought along a colorful, giant flag of Spain.

A young lady waves her flag and waits for the Royal Couple to arrive in downtown Pensacola.

Ah ha! I got a close-up of King Juan Carlos as he arrived at T. T. Wentworth Museum.

Secret Service agents watched the crowds closely

King Juan Carlos I, Queen Sophia, and Senator Bill Nelson on the balcony of T.T. Wentworth Museum.

Mrs. Carole Crist, Governor Charlie Crist, King Juan Carlos I, Queen Sophia, and Senator Bill Nelson on the balcony of T.T. Wentworth Museum, enjoying the enthusiastic crowd.

Did you know that Queen Sophia met King Juan Carlos I while she was on a cruise in the Greek Isles? The (then) Princess of Greece and Denmark relinquished her rights to the throne of Greece to marry the future king of Spain and converted to Catholicism.

The museum displays flags on either side of the balcony which overlooks Plaza Ferdinand VII.

The press box. {{{sigh}}} Now how do I go about getting some credentials to gain entry? I have to work doubly hard for my shots!

Okay, I have to tell you, these agents were fine!

I'm sure I should know who this dignitary is, but I'm at a loss. Please feel free to e-mail the answer and I'll add it to the post.

Senator Bill Nelson.

A happy crowd listens to a speech from King Juan Carlos I.

The Royal Couple depart for the Naval Air Station. They seemed absolutely charming.

Another bit of trivia. Queen Sophia is a pescetarian. Give up? She's a vegetarian who eats fish. She is said to be fluent in five languages: Greek, Spanish, English, French and German. And she has a beautiful, sweet smile!

Celebrate Pensacola, a non-profit organization, should be commended for all the hard work they put into making this day happen and bringing the Royal Couple of Spain to Pensacola during our 450th anniversary year celebrations.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding photos..
especially as they were made by a
non-press credentialed
start networking..get those credentials.. and show haw a real press photo session is accomplished!'ve done a super job..
and yes,, Queen Sophia is very lovely..she never seems to age..
thanks for being there for all of us natives flung to the far corners of the are our eyes and ears of home..