Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Getting back to normal

A personal note to my blog viewers: It is taking me a while to get my life back in order after my father passed away. I still have my 'down days' now and then, but one of the things which finally had to be done was knee surgery for a torn lateral meniscus.

I injured myself around the first of December while in Tennessee and obviously was unable to attend to it while caring for my dad. Upon my return home to Pensacola Beach, the first thing I tried was physical therapy, but it soon became apparent -- with the help of an MRI -- that PT alone would not solve the situation.

The irony of this particular injury was that I could climb stairs or walk on a flat surface with very little problems, but any unstable surface such as the beach or sandy areas resulted in quite a bit of pain. For a nature photographer, that was not a good sign.

I underwent surgery yesterday morning at Gulf Breeze Hospital and the procedure went exceptionally well. I was blessed with great doctors, nurses and a delightful anesthetist! Hopefully I'll be exploring the island again in no time. In fact, if I can finagle a temporary Handicap Parking sign for my vehicle, I may be able to hit the Pensacola Jazz Fest this weekend in Seville Square! Of course that may be a bit hopeful, but you never know what a positive attitude can do.

Thank you to all my loyal blog viewers!


Anonymous said...

Hope you recover nicely and soon!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the healing process. I have missed the beach. Living in a landlocked state, I visit your sight daily for my beach fix. I've missed your and your delightful photos of Pcola. SD

Lightnin said...

BIG-I too watch your blog daily! Being in Ohio and missing PCB your blog seems to help me make it until my next visit. My husband and I were there in Dec for his recuperation on the beach (colon surgery) told the doctor if he can't get better on the beach he sure isn't gonna do it on my couch!! PCB was just what he needed, we are now looking forward to visiting again in May. Have to get back to Danah's to have my hair done again!!! Get well soon! Check out our blog at thunderdave.blogspot

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you're back and getting better. I miss my daily beach fixes. I live in Tennessee, Nashville actually. I miss the beach so much, we lived in P'cola for about seven years. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Get better quickly. I know what it's like to not be able to walk the beach...

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear of the pain and subsquent knee surgery...but the good news is you are young and resilient and blessed with the power of positive thinking reinforced by the divine creator, you'll be back in the groove better than ever!!
i too am a native pensacolian, living far away above it all in denver colorado, so i am a frequent visitor for beach time..but guess what?
am in panama city as we type!!..
so heavenly breathing the salt air again!
tomorrow i dig my toes into the sugary white sand and drink in the beauty of ever changing , mesmerizing colors of the water!!
feels so good being back..even if only ever so briefly..
hugs and smiles!!

Anonymous said...

DJ, my heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery as well. May everything heal rapidly, smoothly and correctly (plus no ugly scars ;-) ), and may you soon be fit again to tread whereever there is something beautiful to enjoy.

overactive-imagination said...

Sorry to hear about your injury. I'm glad that you got it taken care of but as a student nurse it's in my genes to tell you not to push yourself too hard too fast. :o)
Wishing you a swift recovery and the ability to walk on white sands and seaoat covered dunes soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi DJ,
I just stopped by for the first time in some time to check out your lovely pictures. I hope you are rapidly recovering from the knee surgery.

And my condolences on the death of your father. My dad died in 1996. We were close. I can tell you that as time passes the pain of the loss lessens and thankfully the wonderful memories remain.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a speedy recovery and get back to taking those great photos of the beach !!!

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