Friday, March 09, 2007

New Addition - The Swans

Sometimes life can be too lovely to describe. Yesterday, from my bedroom window, I saw two swans swimming on Santa Rosa Sound and rushed out to get a photograph. Unfortunately they had already passed my dock and I only got a couple of quick shots.
I kept thinking that something seemed slightly odd about one of the swans which kept its wings elevated. It wasn't until tonight when I zoomed in (beyond a magnification which can be posted), that I discovered a baby swan (a cygnet) was protectively piggy-backing a ride on one of the adults. From my research, I believe these are Mute Swans.
There may be more than one cygnet on the swan's back, but it was impossible for me to see from this angle. It was a lovely discovery, nevertheless, which will delight me for some time -- I'd say until the time one decides to take a bite of my camera or my tush.

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