Thursday, September 04, 2008

Walking along Ft. Pickens

I took a walk this morning before the rain set in. I went past the barricade on Ft. Pickens Road, into the Gulf Islands National Park a short way and took a few photos.

The edges of Ft. Pickens Road which had been damaged during previous hurricanes appeared to have crumbled a little more during the high winds and surf we received during Hurricane Gustav. And, once again, areas of the beach on both the gulf and sound sides which were unprotected by dunes are now flat.

It's easy to understand the importance of growing the dunes to protect our fragile barrier island.

If you decide to take a walk inside the park, be sure to take a litter bag along with you to collect bottle caps and small pieces of trash that have been exposed. It's actually a great time to clean up the beach!

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Turtle Girl said...

Don't forget the official International Coastal Clean-Up on September 20th. The Gulf Islands National Seashore will have official clean-ups at Fort Pickens, the Santa Rosa Area, and Johnson's Beach on Perdido Key from 8am to noon that Saturday. I'm going to post a sticky on my blog...

Even if you can't get to a beach, it's a great day to pick up trash that eventually lands in streams, rivers and ultimately, the sea. Let's keep that plastic away from whales, sea birds and our lovable sea turtles!

Kirsten (aka the traveling turtle girl)