Monday, September 15, 2008

Ode to a 'possum

With his hairless tail and pointy nose,
I wish that this 'possum would watch where he goes.
Not up my stairs,
And not on my chairs,
And not on my bench with his claw-tipped toes.

No 'possum I've seen has ever played dead,
they always turn 'round and hiss instead
So I back away slow
And let this breaux go
But next time I may put a knot on his head!

~~ B.I.G.

[Note to Brian: See, we do have opossums on the island! And you're welcome to mine with his two-toned tail, cowlicks, and snarky-looking nose. ]


Anonymous said...

I can just see them marching across the Bob Sikes bridge. I had a little baby one swimming in the pool a week ago.

Anonymous said...

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