Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Zoo Northwest Florida

What a fun afternoon at The ZOO Northwest Florida (a/k/a the Gulf Breeze Zoo). It's obvious that they have a wonderful volunteer staff who work hard at keeping it in tip-top shape.

Please take time to visit and show your support. It is located only 10 miles east of Gulf Breeze on Highway 98.

"There's something about you that ruffles my feathers!"

"Do you think I overdid it on the lipstick? I just love 'Holy Pink Pagoda'."

"Say, ya wanna see my hump, little lady?"

"Darn it, she gave me kindergartner bangs again."

[Note the smooth area which begins just to the upper right of the orangutan's foot. That is actually the belly, then shoulder and head of a baby orangutan! Occasionally a tiny hand would reach out and wave around. Then Mama O would tuck it back to her side.]

"I don't know, dude, they just make me feel like a red-headed stepchild."

"I don't understand why you always see things in black and white."

"I'm sorry, baby. Let's kiss and make up. I'll work on those gray areas."

"Didn't mean to hurt your feelings when I said you had dragon breath."

What's Rhino-talk for "Can you move just a little to the left? That shadow is blocking your good side!"


cshells said...

Great animal shots! That new camera of yours really gets some good ones!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Thanks, cshells! I'm really enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Cracking up laughing at the kindergardner bangs comment! You are too funny!!!!

campbell said...

Love those captions! I think I could see the baby; she was pretty protective, huh?

You know I wonder how many people fail to take advantage of their local zoo. They are so entertaining and can put your life back into perspective. Your pictures should encourage those who haven't visited the zoo to do so.